The Taste of Autumn

The Farm Market really brings in the best fall produce available, and we do so much with it! From beautiful displays to tasty new treats, harvest season is one of the best seasons for new stock.

Halloween Prep

Of course, Halloween is on everbody's minds when October rolls around, and we have just what you need for a great Halloween.

  • Pumpkins

    Our Hay Maze displays the best carving pumpkins you'll see all year. So take your pick, take it home, and make your Jack o' Lantern memorable!

  • Apples

    What's Halloween without a little cider and some bobbing for apples? New varieties in for fall, some quite distinctive and tasty.

  • Decorations

    Halloween and harvest decorations large and small. Make it a natural motif with dried corn and gourds, or a spooky setup with Halloween-themed items.

Treats, not Tricks

Autumn is also fantastic time for discovering some goodies you won't find anytime else. Come enjoy the fruits of the harvest!

  • More Pumpkins

    Call us cheeky, but we think that cooking pumpkins are better for the kitchen than the big carving ones. Luckily, we have great selections for both!

  • Fall Bakery

    Pies, cakes, pastries, and more that highlight the flavors of the season. Expect to see lots of apple, pumpkin, and cinnamon!

  • Sweet Potatoes

    Fall is when NC sweet potatoes come into season, and we love the taste and texture of our local crop. Great for side dishes and desserts!