Summer in a Jar

When you have produce as good as ours, it's hard to resist setting some aside for later. Our preserved goods take all the goodness of summer and bottle it up for later. What's more, the preserving process adds some extra layers of flavor to our produce, making for unique taste sensations that pair well with our fresh produce.

Our Selection

Thanks to consistent stock and regular production, we have most of our preserved goods throughout the summer.

  • Jams and Spreads

    We have traditional fruit spreads that really perk up toast or a PB&J, or non-traditional jams (ginger? jalapeño?) for snacks.

  • Dressings

    With base flavors like Vidalia Onion and Sun-Dried Tomato, these aren't your everyday dressings. Summer is time for salads!

  • Pickles

    We have a wide range of pickled vegetables, from spiced dill pickles for your burger or some pickled peppers for your salad.

  • Sauces

    We work with many local producers to sell one-of-a-kind sauces that provide a distinctive twist to meat and fish.

  • Wines

    We love fruit-infused wines, and we are always looking for new blends that capture the flavor of the season.