Color and Delight, Year after Year

Nearly all of our outdoor flowers are perennials, which bloom regularly during certain periods of the year. Ours have been especially selected to survive the weather conditions particular to coastal North Carolina. Such plants are hardy and particularly resistant to drought, sandy soil, and acidic soil. Our perennials will also be quite happy regardless of whether they are planted in the ground or kept in a pot.

Our Selection

Our Greenhouse staff is quite knowledgeable, and will be happy to tell you which plants are in bloom in the current season. Below is a (very broad) selection of the types of perennials we carry.

  • Native Plants

    We take pride in our long-established and native North Carolina flowers native to North Carolina.

  • Exotic Plants

    If you fancy something a bit different, we carry a variety of flower species that can be found around the globe.

  • Potted and Self-Sufficient

    A bit tight on space? We have numerous flowers that are ready to travel in their own attractive pots.